Sunday, March 27, 2011


ever heard of the phrase halawatul iman? or Kemanisan Iman? or the sweetness of iman?

well, it is not a theory to be memorized, or a story to be told, neither it is a food to eat :p

of course many of us, muslim have heard of the word iman. An arabic word that if you search the dictionary, would tell its meaning as a belief or to hold as true. However, in Islamic terminology, iman consisting of three parts that cannot ever (ever..and again I emphasize, EVER!) be separated from each other:

1) profession with the tongue
2) conviction of the truth of this profession with the heart
3) and implementation and action on the requirements of this profession with the body and the heart!

so, in simple terms, when one say that he/she is a mukmin, who has iman in his/her hearts, they will say it from their mouth, believe in their heart, and from those believe, they will not just let it stay in the heart, but they will also execute it in the forms of amalan that is full of sincerity towards Allah swt.

amazing rite?

meaning, if you say that you have iman towards Allah swt and Rasulullah saw, you must believe and 'membenarkan' inside your heart. Then, you will also do everything in your power and will to do what has been told by Allah swt and Rasulullah saw, through Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.
So, You will pray five times a day, you will fast in the month of ramadhan, and if you are good mukmin, you will also do the sunnat part. Besides that, you will pay your zakat, you will also do your hajj and you will do everything in your power and strength to call upon all those people out there to fully submit themselves towards Allah swt - in other words, Dakwah ;)


what's interesting is that, iman also have its own taste. and the greatest taste of all is called the halawatul iman...or the sweetness of iman...or kemanisan iman (one of the reason why I wanted to write so bad and share with all of you today).

halawatul iman, cannot be bought from the nearby store. it is a feeling inside a muslim's and a mukmin's heart when they fully and completely give the submission of their love, hates, social relations and every part of their lives to Allah swt.

From Anas bin Malik RA, Rasulullah saw said that:
"there's three things that if it exist inside a person, he/she will feel the halawatul iman/the sweetness of iman:
when Allah swt and His Messenger are more beloved to him than anything else,
that he love the others (muslims/people) only for the sake of Allah the Most High
and that he hate to return to kufur (disbelief) as he would hate to be thrown to into the hell fire"
(HR Muslim & Bukhari)

did you see that?
Rasulullah saw has told us on how to get those halawatul iman! and only you! yes you! yourself need to strive and work hard in order to achieve it. And just so you all know, when you did get your halawatul iman, there's nothing else in your life in this world that you would seek for, but just to seek for Allah's swt love and redaNya

wallahu 'alam

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