Monday, November 21, 2011

who's being unfair to whom?


 [By the time all of us were at our place, we couldn't stop frowning and make us more confuse]

Song of the day: Better Days [D-Clique]

I just feel like getting this out of my chest.

Before getting to the real story, let me tell you the background. Since I am currently involved with the project that's located at the tallest building in the country, as a muslim, we still need to perform our daily 5 times prayer. Besides the musolla located at level 13, our floor level is also being equipped with a very small musolla that could fit alhamdulillah 4-5 people at one time. Throughout these 6 months, I only been to the 13th floor, once with unnie shaqifah. Not that I don't fancy going there, but it would be better to pray together with the other team member of the same floor.

So, the 6 months continue to roll on and it has been a very pleasant experience to pray zuhur and asar together, and each of us will take turns to lead the prayer. Sometimes, the other member from the other team joined us as well and expand the crowd, but the space is still very limited. Alhamdulillah, by the time it is 1.30 pm or 4.30 pm, people will start to queue up to perform their prayer.

But today, that pleasantness turn into a heart stabbing incident. There was only 4 of us in the musolla, and as usual, we did pray together. During our pray, we realized that the door opened and closed very frequently. And with that we understand that the queue outside is rather long. Thus, after dua and salam, I headed straight for the door and leave the musolla, only to be told off by the other member from the other team to get our ourselves to the other musolla if we wanted to pray jamaah!

In silence, inside, I was --> "pppfffttt..?!"

But, I refrain myself, as even Rasulullah saw never teach us to do that.

"Why? (kenape?)" I said, with very innocent face and voice tone.
"Yeah, all of u need to go to the other surau, not this one", she replied
"But why?", still making those innocent face and voice even though I feel like gulping on a grenade.
"yeah, because you are being unfair to us!"
"why? why unfair?"
and the conversation just stop there, as she went inside the musolla, and my other team member follow me suit behind me, out from the musolla (sambil kerut2 dahi, dan terpinga2 and frowning).

I thought I was the only one, but all four of us were dumbstruck on how that feeling, way of thinking or way of talking from a muslim to another muslim was like a bulldozer of rudeness. I understand that she may need to queue up in order to perform her prayer, but with the situation of having small area to share on, couldn't you be more understanding and more patience? Is there a need to get everyone out and get the place to yourself only? Is it wrong to take turns and perform our responsibility in the best possible way with the limited resources available. Even then, is it wrong to perform our prayer together, because we wanted to get those 27x of rewards? What is the different with the situation of performing solat alone when there are another 3 people who also performing their prayers individually, and performing the prayer together in unity (all four together)? Yes! You will receive more chance of getting more reward from Allah swt! It only take around 10 - 15 mins the most, and after doa, we will get out of the musolla with discipline. None of us (the three of us) would do make up there, or taking time on wearing our hijab. We are not that kind of people ok! So, what's the need to throw those tantrum to us? =.="

May Allah swt one day open all of our hearts and become a kind person to the others. Because one day Allah swt will take our soul, and it will be questioned. I didn't say that we are any better from the others because we perform our prayer together (since I'm not dead yet, and don't even know if I have the chance to enter the jannah), but, I think it would be nice if you treat the others just like what you want the others to treat you. If they did something wrong or munkar, there's always a nice method on how to "tegur", isn't it? ^.^, may Allah swt bless us all and give us the peace that we always need every time we want to seek Allah's pleasure in our life. insyAllah...

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^,
- daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -


  1. mine lagi dasyat..the prayer room only fit for 1 person..msk dua org da sesak nafas..imagine how is the room condition..pernah one time, my bos asked me to see him, then another staff btau i tgh smayang..time tu asar..after i abes smayang trus ke bilik bos..kebetulan i ade buat slh on the design yg dia suh buat, terus dia kluar point psl2 sembahyang pahtu siap kutuk islam gitu (bos bukan islam)..hoho cabaran bekerja ^_^

  2. huhu... just make us realize on how many of our work are yet to be done to the people around us. perjalanan dakwah & tarbiah yang seriesly panjang dan sukar, tapi mampu untuk memperbaik akhlak seseorang manusia...

  3. to open a big heavy door does not need us to push and to kick hard at the door but a small correct key will do.

  4. dia yang hampir separuh abad patut malu dengan apa yang dia katakan...

  5. swmoga kita adalah org yg terakhir yg dia katakn spt itu...


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