Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the disaster and the beauty

it happen in just a split of a second.

if it is Allah's will, there's nobody that could stop it.
even people with the greatest power and rank in the world,
even the riches people that exist,
or even the most intelligent people on earth.
There's nothing that they could do to stop it.

ever wonder why it happen?
what is it that is so important, that these accident happen?
what is it that Allah swt wanted to show to us?
what is the hikmah behind all this?

is it because we are too forgetful?
is it because we are too full of ourselves?
is it because the wealth that we own? but not even fraction of it given to those in need?
is it because we are too proud and arrogant because of our power?

did we see it as another nikmat and rezeki from Allah swt?
did we see it as another reminder from Allah swt? because Allah swt love us?
did we see the beauty behind it?
did we?

if you don't...
then why there is a beautiful and extraordinary rainbow in the sky?

look to the right

Looking straight

Looking to the left

its His sign of love towards His servant.
only those who love Him can see it.
only those who are longed to meet Him can see it.
only those who are running and striving in this world to be the best in the akhirah can see it.

If the rubber can be shaped, why not our heart? why can't it be shaped to be more obedient towards Allah swt?

only those who open their heart, mind and soul can see it.
insyAllah =)


  1. ..:)..Expression simply cannot be portrayed by words after reading and seeing this whole new perspective..


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