Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bermimpilah! Walau Memeluk bulan sekalipun



This is one of the chapter title from Sister Oki's second book. Such an amazing master piece to read. Not just this chapter, but the whole book is filled with mind blowing contents that will always cause me to pause for a while and think for such a long time. With a very casual and light style of narration, it is amazing how every pages flipped can give endless dose of motivation, and inspiration for your life, gained from the lessons learnt off the others. For every stories told, my thoughts start to kick in action. How can through this reading, makes me a better person and a better 'abid in front of Allah swt?

For this particular chapter, she narrates about a little child who has a big dream. Although it seems to be out of reach due to his family difficulties, this little child continues to smile with enthusiasm and with his high spirit he said: "I am Muhammad Sandi Ramdana Akbar, will become someone BIG (in terms of influence not the size) as big as my name: AKBAR". This is only a little child who is just 12 years old.

That's not all. Remember our brothers and sisters in Palestin? I've came across a story of the a little girl, who was being approached by one of the volunteers from Aqsa Syarif (one of the NGO from Malaysia that helps the Palestinian). She was always seen to be smiling happily. By the look of it, it seems that she is enjoying her life, playing and going to school as if there is no war nor oppression going on. You could never have guessed that her home is constantly shortage of food and water. And you could never see the fear in her eyes, even when knowing that her life is always on the threat of being killed by those ruthless armies. When being asked about her life, she said: "Yes it is hard. Living here is hard. But I believe one day we will be free! and the whole Palestin will be back into our hands! If I don't get to see it, I am happy that I will die as a syuhada' instead!". SubhanAllah...

They have a dream.
A dream that may be too far to reach, too huge to hug, too hard to get there.
But they have a dream.
Even by only having a dream, one can see the light and hope in their life.
A dream that gives one motivation to continue to strive, to continue to run, to continue to live life trying hard to reach that dream.
A dream that would never let one's life to be wasted.
Every day and every second is a step closer towards that dream,
Isn't it better if the dream leads to the oasis?
Even though he/she can't swim across it, at least he/she can see it and enjoy the view of it.

Anyone can have a dream.
A dream to have a doctorate and a professor, even though you are currently struggling in your undergrad.
A dream to become a hafiz/hafizah, even though you constantly having a short term memory loss.
A dream to be the best wife or husband, even though your are still single.
A dream to be the best child to towards their parent and the best parent towards their child,
A dream to be the best murabbi towards their mutarabbi.
A dream to be the best student in the whole entire nation, the best teacher towards their students,
and a dream to be the best abid in front of Allah swt.
A dream to have the entire nation become obedient towards Allahs swt.
A dream to meet Allah swt, the creator of the entire universe and the reason of our existence.
A dream to meet Prophet Muhammad saw, the role model that taught us how to lead our life.
A dream to enter the jannah and enjoy all the eternal happiness conceived in it,

Have your own dream.
Because they can't blame you from having a dream.
Have your own dream.
Because a dream will initiate your step to turn them into reality.
Have your own perfect dream.
And strive to turn it into a reality!
A dream that in the end, when we meet Allah swt, we would be able to say:
"Ya Allah, this is my dream. That I strive during my lifetime. And I did for Your sake."
That is a dream.
A real dream.

What about you?
Do you have a dream?

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^,
 - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -
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