Thursday, March 17, 2011

I was looking at my dream
that is being deemed far away
and I was standing blankly

i don’t have
anything left any more,
its never has been mine in the first place,
its His'.

Even today, step by step
I step forward carefully
My heart is full of fear,
but it’s an excitement I’m embracing
I am staggering and shaking
But, I step forward towards
the dream that I am going to meet some day.

As I’m thinking if it is going end like this,
a fear constantly comes,
I’m hesitating but…
Deep inside my heart
there’s an unstoppable beating
that drags me forward.

the light...
the calling...
the dream...
the happiness...
the rewards...
its for eternity.

dream of meeting Him,
dream of seeing Him,
dream of being with Him,
dream of smiling to Him,
dream of step by step getting closer to Him.

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