Sunday, March 6, 2011


There are so many ways
to say our thank you towards Allah swt.
it can be in forms of words - Alhamdulillah.
and it can also be in the form of obedience towards Him.
The only God that all of the human existence and makhluk
prostrate to,
leave everything to,
rely everything to,
and seek forgiveness.

Isn't it funny that we require laptops and internet connection that's being charged, in order to communicate to the other side of the world. But since our doa is wireless, it covers the whole universe for free!! and throughout the network, we can communicate with Allah swt anytime and from anywhere.

I was moved by this ayat, from Al-Quran the words of love from Allah swt:

"And be not like those who forgot Allah , so He made them forget themselves. Those are the defiantly disobedient." (Al-Hasyr: 19)

in malay translation:

"Dan janganlah kamu seperti orang-orang yang lupa kepada Allah swt, sehingga Allah menjadikan mereka lupa akan diri sendiri. Mereka itulah orang-orang yang fasik" (Al-Hasyr: 19)

of course none of us would dream of becoming one of those people who are "the defiantly disobedient" or fasik. Those people who knows, but behave as if they don't know.

If we wanted to fill our deed basket with good deeds, to be brought in the akhirah, we must ensure ourself to never forget Allah swt. Because He is the one that will guide us through our amal. And if Allah swt meredai, then only we could get His Jannah. If not, no matter how many basket of good deeds that you bring in front of Allah swt, if He did not accept the deeds that you do in the dunia (maybe because of your riya'), even the smell of Jannah is just a dream that can never became a reality. Instead, it will turn out to be a huge nightmare!! Because the door of hell is wide open for you! Nauzubillah.

That is why, no matter who we are, where we are and whatever that we are doing, always remember that Allah swt will always be watching you and be with you. Never forget Him, or you will forget of yourself.

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