Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Beginning - Taaruf

For whatever reason, today, it feels like a good day to write and share something.
It has been a long time, 3 years in fact since I've signed in to write. Time do flies huh? May Allah swt ease our matters.



Have you ever heard of it?

"Human beings, We created you all from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another. Verily the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most God-fearing of you.8 Surely Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware."

In the Al-Quran in Surah Al-Hujurat, ayat 13, Allah swt tells us about it. The reason why Allah swt created human beings in forms of man and woman, of different races and different tribes and of different background, is for us to taaruf. To get to know each other, be friends, create relationship, understand each other, and respect each other.
Looking at the end of the ayat, Allah swt emphasize that, it is not about the way you look or which background that you came from, but, Allah always looked at the level of your Taqwa. It is always about whats on the inside of your heart; how afraid of you towards Allah swt, how cautious of you in making any decision, thinking of whether it is something that Allah will shower His blessings or only lead you to pave you way to Hell.  Allah is aware of your dramatic changes in your level of iman, because Allah is "عَلِيمٌ - All Knowing" and "خَبِيرٌ - All-Aware".

Taaruf is the key to understand others. Taaruf is the key to see the goodness in people. Taaruf is the key to see the potential the person has that can benefit to others. Taaruf is one of the key to a successful tarbiyyah. Taaruf...taaruf...taaruf...

If you are a murrabi, Taaruf will be your first step in making a move towards the mutarabbi's heart. A successful taaruf will make the mutarabbi share almost everything about their life. They will open up the door to their personal space, which only certain people can enter. She/He would share their joy and sadness without hesitation if the trust is built as the basis of the relationship, throughout the taaruf process.

Through taaruf, a murabbi could understand why the mutarabbi is making a certain decision, you could understand why he/she react the way he/she did.
Through taaruf, you could see how a person is being brought up, and how interesting Allah swt make you and him/her cross path with each other.
Through taaruf, a murrabi can identify the mutarabbi true potential, and how it can be used that is beneficial to the ummah.
Through Taaruf, you wouldn't be judgemental, but a murrabi will be more wise and understanding, more helpful and a great listener.
Through taaruf, a murrabi can be the best person that the murtarabbi can lean on to.
Through taaruf, they show their true colours, without having to act, without having to feel ashamed of themselves.

But how to start a good taaruf?

By asking:
"How's your iman today my dear?"


untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^, - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -

Monday, October 26, 2015

Bila Dihargai

Just imagine this, you are a die hard fan of an actor or actress, or a fan of someone famous. Then one day, you post something regarding them in instagram or facebook or blog, and they read the post. Not just that, they actually mention you in their personal media social, they recognizes you and they show their appreciation towards your love/fandom to them. How do you feel?

Excited, rasa macam special gila! Like out of all the thousands or million fans that they have, he/she mentions YOU! Rasa mcm nak pengsan? heh

Well, did you know that Allah swt did more than that to you in the al-quran. He actually mentions YOU specifically in front of Rasulullah saw during the event of isra' and mi'raj. Yes! You and Me! Allah is no comparison to those famous people, He is beyond and far Greater than them, but the appreciation that Allah swt shows towards those who declare their shahadah towards Allah swt is being elevated to a higher level disisi Allah swt.

Did you know where Allah swt has mentioned us?
Take a quran and open Surah Al-Baqarah, ayat 285.

In English:
The Messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and [so have] the believers. All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers, [saying], "We make no distinction between any of His messengers." And they say, "We hear and we obey. [We seek] Your forgiveness, our Lord, and to You is the [final] destination."

In Malay:
"Rasulullah telah beriman kepada apa yang diturunkan kepadanya dari Tuhannya, dan juga orang-orang yang beriman; semuanya beriman kepada Allah, dan Malaikat-malaikatNya, dan Kitab-kitabNya, dan Rasul-rasulNya. (Mereka berkata): "Kami tidak membezakan antara seorang dengan yang lain Rasul-rasulnya". Mereka berkata lagi: Kami dengar dan kami taat (kami pohonkan) keampunanMu wahai Tuhan kami, dan kepadaMu jualah tempat kembali".

Its a common ayat to those who often read Al-Mathurat. However, if you go through the background check on this ayat, you will be amazed on how Allah swt shows His appreciation towards Rasulullah saw who believes in Allah, and towards the MUKMINUN who also believes in Allah swt. And did you know that this ayat was being given to Rasulullah saw personally without any intermediaries of Malaikat Jibril? Because Allah swt wanted to give it straight to Rasulullah saw. Special isn't it? Since Allah swt actually recognizes US! A slave that is so insignificant and full of sins, but Allah swt still appreciate our iman. SubhanAllah.

I'll share the other part of the surah in the next post. It will be more amazing and so special insyAllah. The words of Allah swt are so special subhanAllah.

P/s there's a trigger thst made me wanted to post this. It happened to be that i joined a periscope broadcast with a raising actress. It was amazing to see the respond from her fans and the appreciation that they feel when the actrss mentioned their name, or respond to their question. Even felt special when the actress like their post in ig. Amazing subhanAllah, how being appreciated meant so much to us.

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^, - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -
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