Sunday, June 3, 2012

the little ones half way through

SubhanAllah, what happened today does worth a lifetime memory. I saw the little ones with heart so pure, like a glass of pure water (which were much cleaner and fresher than Avian water..heh)! ^.^, It was reflected through their clear eyes and smile which were so sweet that I think even a land full sugar and sweets are not enough to illustrate it..heh.

So, today mark the 3rd of June. It is still school holiday, and many will choose to fill the highway, heading to their respective tourist attraction places allocated all around the country. But not these 30 little ones who choose to stay to a few hour of "ijlis bina nukmin sa'ah". SubhanAllah... they were the one chosen by Allah swt to be in the program, and I understand why.

Initially, I thought the program was for them, the input, the presentation, the sharing, the resolution etc, but it was actually them who thought me so many lessons. They were the one who made me understand, they were the one to make me realized and start to appreciate the importance of being a tayyibat if you want your pair to be a tayyibin, and the importance of being a tayyibat for your children if you want your children to be a tayyibat and tayyibin as well. Did you know why? Because anak yang soleh(ah), is (are) the most precious jewel(s) to their parents. As only anak yang soleh who will wait patiently for their parents in front of the heaven... Why? Why would they wait for their parents when the heaven is there in front of them? That's the sweetness of anak-anak soleh. The heart that are so pure, ignorance of the time spent to wait for their parents, as long as they could enter the beautiful heaven together with their loved and beloved ones, who are called ummi/mama/mak/mother/bonda and abi/baba/ayah/daddy~

These are the memories~
Our murabbiah Mck Mah

One of the slots was to write down the little one's idea of a happy family

The little ones~

The second slot... the little ones were busy discussing their role as a child to a family
based on the 10 muwassofat of a muslim

Heh...these little ones are super cute and really smart!

The most senior among the little ones, their acting was amazing! 
maybe one day I will upload their video ok? heh

While eating... they were so indulge into their meal..yummy~

heh...I ate with them... talking to them made me smile all the way back home ^.^, 

With this, may Allah swt grant them beautiful heaven in the akhirat, insyAllah, and will wait for their parents and family in front of the jannah... amiin (together kite same2 amikan ok! ^.^,

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^,
 - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -

Friday, June 1, 2012

a place called home

"To Allah swt we belong and to Him we shall return" (Surah Al-Baqarah: 156)

There is a place called home.
A home of which we seek peace and protection.
A home of which we would always turn back to without hesitation
A home of which the memories started to rewind itself again and again.
A home of which is filled with love, and sometimes a little bit of pain.
A home of which could make you smile.
A home of which cause you to travel back from miles and miles.
But this home is temporary,
While the eternal is still waiting with its door wide open,
as it knows the longing this heart feels to enter the eternal home of heaven~

“(Do) parable (residents) who were promised Jannah to those who fear Allah in which there are rivers of water that no change of taste and smell, the rivers of milk that does not change the taste, the rivers of alcohol that delicious taste of the drinker and the rivers of strained honey, and they get in it all kinds of fruits and forgiveness from their Lord, together with the eternal in jahannam and given a drink by boiling water, so cut her intestines?" (Surah Muhammad:15)

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^,
 - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -
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