Wednesday, August 3, 2011

why can't I get those?

Human and their endless desires~

It is true isn't it that we keep adding stuff to our wish list. If counted from the day we were born, I think the list can be few thousand of lines. Especially for girls/women, it is a norm and a habit to add new stuff to the list and make the list longer that it is when some stuffs really capture their hearts. For those girls (boys too), they may work really hard and make a huge effort in getting those stuffs and make thir wish come true. Some may become a success, but others may lead to failure and other fatal damage.

However, this may sound negative at first, but it is not a sin if this habits are being channeled correctly, it can be one of the most positive features a human can have. However, this is not the main point that I wanted to share with all of you readers in this post. I would like to tell you a story.

In the heart of a busy city, there lived a family with 5 childern. The mother is currently pregnant with her 6th child. With little house to support all 7 people under one small roof, it could be quite full sometimes. The boys usually spend their night sleeping at the hall, while the only girl in the family stayed inside the 2nd room (yep, there's only 2 rooms inside the house). Its a tight squeeze, but throughout their life, it has never occured to them that it is something to be sad about. Instead, they are more happy than those family with bigger house and better cars. More importantly, in those condition, they have become more thankful towards Allah swt. They are more thankful to the fact that there are less burden that they need to carry when they meet Allah swt, since the questioning will be less when it comes to the possession that they have. As I tell you guys before, they have 5 kids so far, with the 6th is still growing confortably inside her/his mother's womb. With 5 kids, the challenge to raise them up with proper education of both academically and islamic knowledge can become a huge challenge. There were times when the parents were both worried with their baheviours, attitudes, habits and personality. Until to extent where the mother took a giant leap of quitting her job, with the intention of properly educating her kids before further damage are being done to her kids. This is so touching to me, and make me realize how those lists of her desire are being cut down to 1/4, with most of the wish left in her list is just to educate her children to be smart like ... And islamically successful like ... I wouldn't say the name, but when I heard about it, it feels like my heart being squeeze tight and my eyes becomes all teary. The mother was willing to sacrifice for the sake of Allah swt and for a better future of her children to face Allah swt in the akhirah. SubhanAllah. And because of that decision, Allah swt granted one of her wish. The 5th brother was the most heartwarmingly friendly and listen well to her mother. A very bright child. He doesn't speak much, but he's the apple of his mother's eye. Alhamdulillah...

From this story, I would like all of you readers to pause for a while, and look around you. Think about those people that you know, and those relatives that you have. Some of them may look ok at the outside, but sometimes they may have difficulties in their life, but we never really pause a while in order to help them. Do whatever you can to give help to them, and may Allah swt bless us with everything that we give for the sake of His pleasure. Read at the story again and learn from it. Be thankful for what you have and help the others who's in need. Sometimes we feel that you are the most fortunate people in this world, but this is only a test from Allah swt. To see whether we are thankful or betray everything that Allah swt has given to us. Some of us may think that we are so unfortunate, but realize this: Allah swt only give us what we need, not always what we want. So, be thankful for every needs that Allah swt has fulfilled for us...

P/s I'm really sorry for my poor english and spelling. Witht the limitation of the device I have right now, it couldn't be avoided. I'll edit it once I get my computer with me.


  1. After reading this,

    I stop working and think about something,

    I am thankful to have a very supportive family and caring friends.

    Thanks to Allah , I have them and Him in my life ;)

    p/s: miss you

  2. hehe...
    have a think about it again =)

    may Allah swt guide you and bless you always~ =)

    p/s me toooooo.... this weekend going back to johor insyAllah... don't know when we can meet up..hmm

  3. ;) aku balik johor jugak. kalau rajin2 jenguk aku kat muar roger je ;)

    btw........serious rindu sangat..

    teamo dah jumpa, geng ict dah jumpa , hafsa bila lagi

  4. one day insyAllah... one day nnt..



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