Wednesday, October 12, 2011


When the world around you suddenly stop.
while the sound seeps through the ear,
breaking the heart,
and flooding the eye.

When yesterday I only heard the teory.
and today I am hit by the reality.

"I havent prayed zohor yet.
Owh, nevermind, its  already asar,
lets do a qada' istead"

A faint smile spread across her face,
while knowing this is not a small case.

Looking through her while throwing my ego,
I know she is my senior but I cant let this one go.

"Why dont we pray first and meet him later?"

Maybe this will be the end of the friendship,
when the words leave my lips.
Maybe this will also be a turning point for her,
to change her life for a better.
"As you've promised to meet Allah earlier"
"Now that it is a bit late, better not do it later. ^.^"

Maybe and just maybe if she knows her priority,
and let go the the world that is not worthy.
"That's not possible, as I've promised to meet him now, both of us together"
"But you too cant easily break the promise to Allah swt and qada' your prayers ^.^"

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