Thursday, October 6, 2011


Dan (ingatlah wahai Muhammad) ketika Tuhanmu mengeluarkan zuriat anak-anak Adam (turun-temurun) dari (tulang) belakang mereka, dan Ia jadikan mereka saksi terhadap diri mereka sendiri, (sambil Ia bertanya dengan firmanNya): “Bukankah Aku tuhan kamu?” Mereka semua menjawab: “Benar (Engkaulah Tuhan kami), kami menjadi saksi”. Yang demikian supaya kamu tidak berkata pada hari kiamat kelak: “Sesungguhnya kami adalah lalai (tidak diberi peringatan) tentang (hakikat tauhid) ini”.

And when the promise has been made, there are no reason why we should break it... Not like the normal contract that we usually sign on paper, this contract stays with you eternally. And it is with you now and forever. Its in you, and it is in your heart, where those promise are being kept. As the verse has said, you have made this promise...and there should be no reason at all in the hereafter, saying that you forgotten all about it...
And like the other contract, there must be a timeline. A due date/end date, of which the contract ends. That date where our life ends. And where all the things that we borrowed from Allah swt, must be returned, and asked back, what have we done to the things that Allah swt has lend to us, in order to get closer to Him? 

Did we use it wrongly?
Did we use it to go against Allah's swt will?
Did we violate it? 
Did we take care of it like Allah swt has told us to?
Did we use it to get closer to Allah swt?
Did we use it to become a better 'abid?
Did we use it to call upon the others to be closer to Allah swt too?
Did we use it to do good deeds to our parents?
Did we use it to do good deeds to our siblings?
Did we use it to do good deeds to those in needs?
Did we use it to display to the others to be arrogant?
Did we use it to do anything we like and ignore whether it is right or wrong?

InsyAllah, when Allah swt give us His nikmat, it means, there are still many chances for us to take a step forward and make the right choice. To repent and to change - in becoming a better 'abid in front of Allah swt. Because its a PROMISE! and a mukmin will never break his/her promise! ^.^, --> "Bala syahidna"

p/s everyday, Allah swt has given us a tazkirah to cleanse our heart. Did you realize that? ^.^, if you didn't, then, stay still, close your eyes, and think about the things that you have gone through today... and from every events that you've been through today, look at how beautiful Allah swt has plan for us. If you look down, then you will only see the floor and its dirt, but if you look up and out the window, you will see the stars that shines so brightly... ^.^,

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