Monday, September 19, 2011


It has been quite sometimes, since I feel this feeling again. I thought it would go away during my internship period, but the behavior that they are showing to me is the same. Most of them are. The situation of which I find it very frustrating and quite stupid, for me to believe in them in the first place.

Of course, when we were in University, there were so many assignments, tests, quizzes, and final paper to be completed and done. There among the tasks that will fill our daily schedule throughout the semester. Some would fail, some would success. However, in order to achieve that success, some would learn and do it the hard way but meaningful to them, while others may use the easy but stupid way. That second someone are among those people that I hate their behavior the most. But their behavior is revolting! While those individuals that work really hard on their tasks, are being used in order for them to achieve the cheap success that they are looking for. In the end, those innocent people are being dumped and blamed. Those people receive less mark, those people are sick because of the overtime that they did, those people are vulnerable because of the trust that they've given. While those monsters are mindless and enjoying the success that doesn't even belong to them!

Yes, I do feel that this is really unfair, because it happen to me so many times (even right now), and my trust are being violated everytime. Well, listen to me my "friends". I hate this feelings and I wanted to let it go. Which I will, but remember, in this world, everything that you did, will be questioned back by Allah swt, let see how you answer to those questions, when the Creator asked you!

Kamu sudah menzalimi diri kamu sendiri, dan juga orang lain! Please stop this! Do I have to beg? Well, I am begging you to stop! Allah swt has given to all of you good brain for you to think and those limb, is it for display? It is for you to use it in the best that you can, so that in the end, everything that you use for it will be an ibadah for you. Don't you want to run to Allah swt? and feel the satisfaction that you have worked hard on throughout your entire life? Please think about it, and think about the person that you have done wrong with. At least, stop this revolting behaviour! It is making so many people to feel sick to look at you, even though you are totally covered.

p/s  but whatever i feel, I believe in this:


  1. sapa yg buat adinda rasa camne ne? nak kena smash manusia tue...alhmadulillah, kakanda pun tak suka org yg fiil mcm tue, pelikkn, projek berbeza..camner nk copy org lain :) relax sudeh babe,

  2. hmm... tu lah, so called "friends". Allah knows best, and Allah Maha Adil. Do pray for me ^.^,


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