Sunday, September 11, 2011

그 사람

Many of our friends (erk..if we have many) will say:
"If anything happens to you, I will be beside you"

But, Allah swt will say:
"Nothing will happen to you, as long as I am with you"

Remember the post that I wrote yesterday? Well, there's a reason why I write up that post and publish it.
Yesterday, while surfing the internet, I came across an incident where, a beautiful lady (used to be) was badly burn with third degree burn, that effected 59% of her body. The accident happen while she was shooting a film/drama with her male co-actor. The male actor was also burnt with third degree burn, but only 34% (about) of his body. The accident happen last year, in October.

While reading the story, about her process of recovery, the physical and mental therapy that she has to go through, it was heartbreaking and truly amazing. This is because, after making some research about third degree burn, it is mind blowing on how people could survive and endure those painful pain! So, when I read about her recovery process, and how she could face the public with damaged skin and body (her face is not effected), it thought me something. Everything that Allah swt gives to human being in this world, is only temporary. And for each and every one of them, has a time frame. One day, when Allah swt said, the time is up, those things that Allah swt gave to us, will be taken back, and there's nothing that we can do about it. True? is true, and what we have to do as His Slaves? The only thing that we can do is to always be thankful for everything that Allah swt has given to you, and make full use of it, as an instrument that we use in order to make ourselves closer towards Allah swt. Everything that Allah swt gives to us, is a test for us. To see, whether those things will make us forget Him? or become much closer towards Him. Why? this is because, throughout our life, everything is a test. every single thing. and through those tests, Allah swt wanted to teach us so many lessons, in order to make us closer to Allah swt. True? try out yourself. Just pause for a while and think. Sometimes, you will see much more than what you normally see.... insyAllah, Allah will guide you on what you see ^.^

And guess what, speaking too soon, today, something happen to us today. And the view is not pretty... we are back at our home, although we have planned of going back to Jeram. But for all the readers who are reading this post, do pray for us. Do pray so that we become those people who are high in patience, and always smiling no matter what problem we are dealing with....

Just like how my sister has said to me: this is all tarbiyyah from Allah swt. so, be happy because Allah swt gave to you a tarbiyyah that nobody could. ^.^ alhamdulillah...

p/s to S, I do pray that one day, you will se the beauty of Islam, and how those test that Allah swt has given to you will make you a better 'abid in front of Allah swt...


  1. First of all,
    wanna know who is the actress?

    Yup it's true, all belongs to Allah and we just borrow the things that all belongs to Him.

    I hope that I'll come back to Him in Peace. Amin

  2. insyAllah... May Allah swt grant you your wishes to be closer to Him ^.^

    hmm...she's a singer & actress (more like entertainment people), and she's Taiwanese... ^.^


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