Friday, December 2, 2011

Kulit yang disiat-siat


There was a little boy, with genius brain and creative mind. A common item that we see lying can be made into something interesting to him. Everyday, he learn new things. Every day, he discover new things. And every day, he experiment new things. And that's where something bad happen.

He was being very creative with the aerosol can. Only to learn that there's a label at the back of the can, with a picture of fire and a small writing of "Flammable". His eyes was sparkling and his mind is working fast like an Intel i7 processor. He took those lighter from mom's kitchen and went to the back garden. ALONE. He put the can down, bathed it with some flammable oil and lit the can up into a fire. He stand a few feet backward. He was pretty disappointed at first, since there was only a normal fire surrounding the can.

And then...





The can erupted and created a huge explosion and some of those chemical and fire hit that little boy. His leg was in fire. His arms too, and not forgetting his face!

That little boy was rushed to the hospital, and receive serious treatment for a straight 2 weeks. The next day after the explosion, all of the injured areas of his body and face was swelling and under those skin, there was a pool of water, where as if it could be popped. Sadly, that's what happen. Every day, he needs to bear an extremely excruciating pain of getting the swelled area popped and the skin to be stripped off by a nurse. Since during that time, there's not much of a pain killer used, he end up bearing all those pain by screaming his heart out under his pillow.

By the time he was discharged out of the hospital, those skin area which was oftenly being stripped off was white, while the normal one was brown / his normal skin color. The color was just like an army's clothes.

But that teaches him a lesson, that this is what it feels like - being able to feel his skin stripped off with excruciating, after being burnt badly, as Allah has said in the quran:

Allah SWT berfirman di dalam al-Qur’an, yang bermaksud:
“Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang KUFUR INGKAR kepada ayat-ayat keterangan Kami, Kami akan MEMBAKAR MEREKA DI DALAM API NERAKA. Tiap-tiap kali KULIT mereka MASAK HANGUS, Kami gantikan untuk mereka KULIT yang lain supaya mereka dapat MERASA AZAB SENGSARA itu dan (ingatlah) sesungguhnya ALLAH adalah MAHA KUASA, lagi MAHA BIJAKSANA.”
(Surah an-Nisa; 56)

Why is it the skin? Why not our organ or meat? Why not the eyes or the skeleton?

Its because of the pain and the emotional distress, that it can cause.

The skin is the biggest organ of our body and contribute 16% of our total weight. And with that huge organ, it is being equipped with receptors and sensors that is very sensitive and can make us be able to feel pains.

For more explanation, I really suggests that you can read it HERE

SubhanAllah, even in the dunia we weren't be able to hold to those pain, how is it possible for us to bear those pain in the akhirat? that is much greater and much more painful that it is in the dunia. Nauzubillah, may Allah swt protect us from the hell fire, that we cannot bear to handle...

p/s here's an example of someone playing around with aerosol >> FIRE & AEROSOL = DISASTER

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^,
 - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -

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