Wednesday, January 11, 2012

like a paper being crumpled into a ball

wa alhamdulillah,

"Adakah kamu mengira kamu akan masuk sorga, padahal belum datang kepadamu (cubaan) seperti (yang dialami) oleh orang-orang yang terdahulu sebelum kamu. Mereka ditimpa kemelaratan, penderitaan dan digoncang (dengan pelbagai cubaan), sehingga Rasul dan orang-orang yang beriman bertanya, 'Bilakah sampai pertolongan Allah?' Ingatlah, sesungguhnya pertolongan Allah itu dekat.'
[al-Baqarah, 2:214]

For the last few days, there were ups and downs. Mostly because of the hustle and problems that arises at random moments. It took awhile to digest it all down, and understand the situation better. However, it does make the heart crunched up like a paper being crumpled into a ball, and the eyes felt like they could popped out of its socket.

In the process, before making any reaction that I might regret in the future, I tried to find the best solution on how to deal with it. Any possible choices that I could make, without making any destruction either to my iman and others, my feelings and others, and most importantly how I could turn the situation to become a chance that I could be closer towards Allah swt. To be honest, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. In fact, along the way, with many that gave particularly 'useful' advice. I could trip over and hit my iman hard! Whether or not I was able to pass this test successfully, only Allah swt knows.

However, during my research, I stumbled upon this particular piece of article that gave a sudden gust of positive wave, and carve a smile across the face.

"A trial on top of another trial does not mean Allah swt is there without mercy, nor without consideration towards His 'abid, however, Allah swt gives the trial with a purpose. Allah swt knows each of His 'abid's capability in overcoming those trial. He will never set any trial that is unbearable for His 'abid. That is why for every trials received, make it as a chance and opportunity that Allah swt has given to us to increase our good deeds. Receive those trials with sincere heart, face it patiently and always be positive! That's how we should do it! Allah swt has given us many trial, as a matter of fact, it is a trial on top of another trial. But remember, Allah swt also given us the solutions to those trial. There will always be a road that Allah swt will show to us and ease our way through it. InsyAllah!"

"Sekiranya kamu menghitung nikmat Allah satu-persatu, nescaya kamu tidak terhitungnya!"
[an-Nahl, 16:18]

And no matter how big, humongous, massive and gigantic a trial that Allah swt has given to us, remember that Allah swt has also given us numerous and abundant of nikmat in this dunia, and not forgetting in the akhirat too! ^.^

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^,
 - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -

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