Thursday, August 18, 2011

please come back

Its ok if other people makes you cry...
but it is not ok to make either of your parents cry...
when they ask you to come back home,
please come back~

no matter how far is the journey,
whether you are in malaysia, mesir, jordan, korea, canada, australia, UK, US, Japan, or any parts of the world,
please come back~

ever inch of your journey will be rewarded by Allah swt much greater,
than the distance of your journey to other places.
Even though it is to a good place,
or for jihad in Allah's road.
so, please come back~

because it is even hurtful to see them cry,
because it is so hurtful to see them getting hurt,
because it is so hurtful to see them stay in silence and bear the pain alone,
becuase they as you to come back home,
to celebrate what could be the last ramadhan together,
so, please come back~
please come back~
please come back~

p/s I pray that the person who thought me this, to be the happiest parent in this world and the hereafter. even though they dont come back, please dont be sad. I really pray that Allah swt grant both of you a beautiful heaven because of those pain that you have to bear throughout these 20+ years. May Allah swt placed you in a place that is very close to Him. Because that is the greatest nikmat that you could get from Allah swt.

To their children who are far away (you might not read this. but if you do, Alhamdulillah) , please come back home to your parent, even though it has been 8 - 10 years. Because they are patiently waiting for the both of you to come back home. May it be just a few days. I plead. Please come back~

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