Sunday, August 14, 2011

it is scary to think that we are scared!

sometimes, it is scary to think about what we are scared of,
and sometimes it is pleasant to think about what we are scared of.

some of us are too scared of getting fat because we ate too much,
some of us are too scared of getting fired because of the work that we cannot deliver,
some of us are too scared of losing their money because it is mountain high, and people might get jealous over it,
some of us are too possesive over their stuff, that it is ok for them to let the stuff goes rotten rather than giving it to those in need,
some of us are too scared of being told off by the others becase of the wrongdoing that they've done,
some of us are too scared of the things that keep following them (in their imagination), because they've just finised watching ghost stories,
and the list can go on forever on what we are scared of, isn't it?

There is no doubt about it, that it is in a human nature that they are scared of the uncertainties, and the things that are beyond their knowledge.

Even living in this world, there are still lots of things that we are yet to find out. There are so many things to explore, there are so many things to try, experience and learn.

This situation clearly shows how small we are and how vurnerable we humans are. And yet, there are some of us who forget on who we are and where we stand in front of Allah swt.

We scare ourselves out just becuase of the uncertainties that Allah swt tested us with. when the real lesson that we should learn from these uncertainties are: when ever, what ever and anything that we face in this world, should return back to Allah swt. The ending must be towards Allah swt, the Lord where we submit ourselves to and our life to. And to make us see that we are nothing without Allah's swt protection. Nothing. Useless.

Remember surah al-falaq? Remember how Allah swt asked us to rely everything on Him? Because He is the Ultimate Protector of His creation and of His slaves?

Remember who created those makhluk? Remember who created night and day? Then, only Allah swt is able to protect us from it.

Talking about being scared, do you remember how Rasulullah saw tell us about how people akhir zaman will feel scared of dying and will feel scared of leaving this world? because of the love that they have for the world and everything inside it? Because of the feelings of wahn inside their heart? And do you also remember that Rasulullah saw also added that the kafir will not fear of the muslims because the feelings has been taken away by Allah swt from their heart because of the muslims' behaviour and love towards the world.

Aren't all of you scared? Of being scared of something else besides Allah swt?
Aren't you scared of what Allah swt will do to us?
when we are doing everything we can to create Allah's "murka" towards us.
Aren't we scared that we aren't able to feel scared of Allah swt, which cause us to do something that Allah's told us not to do?
And aren't we scared that we are unable to feel the love towards Allah swt?
when we are supposed to do so?

So, how to deal with it?

Lets see how para sahabat and Rasulullah saw deal with this.

During those time, there were so many jahiliyyah going on in Makkah. And most of them, are afraid of dying and really fight for the wealth that they could get their hands on. Even though it means, getting it with force and through the wrong method.

So, when Allah swt send down Prophet Muhammad saw as Rasul, he wakes the human up to realize the wrong doing that they have commited and the shirk that they have done towards Allah swt, by helping them to clarify their aqidah, and make them realize that the whole point of living in this world. Which is to fulfill all the mission that Allah swt has appointed every human being to perform: to become Allah's slave and fully commit their life towards Allah swt, and to become the khalifah in this world. Not just that, Allah swt also equipt us with Al-Quran and Rasulullah saw left us with his sunnah. With both of them are being fully utilized, i repeat fully utilized (where we will try our hardest to understand and "beramal" with it), insyAllah, we will lead our life as what a muslim and a mukmin should. and insyAllah, we will tend to live the life in this world as only a medium for us to reach the akhirat successfully, where we will seek of nothing except, Allah's pleasure..

wallahu 'alam

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