Saturday, May 7, 2011

we are facing these....

although the previous post recite --> back.
well, I'm not entirely back, since much of the time will be spent in reading books and lecture notes...
things have been pretty hectic and cramp up together. Alhamdulillah, all is well =).

although all of us are facing final exams, but since we've been through the same experience for the past 2 years, thought us lots of experience and knowledge on how to face each subject. May Allah bless us all and all of our efforts.

Many will think that exams is full of tension emotions, not enough time and kindda feel like so much pressure are being put on such little shoulder. Yeah, it is true, but not entirely. You see, having to face final exam every semester is one hectic thing, even when having the thought of it can make you roll your eyes, or "kerutkan dahi" with a long sigh...

“Dan jika Kami rasakan kepada manusia suatu rahmat (nikmat) dari Kami, kemudian rahmat itu Kami cabut daripadanya, pastilah dia menjadi putus asa lagi tidak berterima kasih.” (Maksud Surah Hud (11):9)

However, when to come to think about it, it is not entirely bad thing. We are seating for examinations, every single day. either we realize it or not... Everyday is a test from Allah swt, and every steps that we take and every answer and decision that we make, will be marked and carefully analyze. Sounds like HSE investigation movement to me =).

So, how do we face both of these exams? well, Allah swt will never leave us dangling, along the thread, without knowing which way to go. Just like when we sew, there must be a needle that will guide on where the thread should be punctured into. that is why, Allah swt has given us guidance on how to deal with any exams or test that comes in our way.

“Dan sesungguhnya Kami benar-benar akan menguji kamu agar Kami mengetahui orang-orang yang berjihad dan bersabar di antara kamu; dan agar Kami menyatakan (baik buruknya) hal ehwalmu.” (Maksud Surah Muhammad (47):31)

“Tiada satu bencanapun yang menimpa di bumi dan (tidak pula) pada dirimu sendiri melainkan telah tertulis dalam kitab (Lauh Mahfuzh) sebelum Kami menciptakannya. Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu adalah mudah bagi Allah.” (Maksud Surah al- Hadid (57):22)

“Sesungguhnya Tuhanku Maha Lembut terhadap apa yang Dia kehendaki. Sesungguhnya Dia-lah Yang Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Bijaksana.” (Maksud Surah Yusuf (12):100)

there must be a solution to every difficulties, and Allah will insyAllah, ease everything. From Him we came and to Him we shall return... so, why not give all you got to Allah swt, and put the full effort that you could give, with the intention of purely in seeking His blessing, when you study, and also when the final examination paper is in front of you. be patient, be happy and be those people who see things positively. as there must be a reason when a certain things happen, and why Allah swt has put it that way. May Allah swt give us guidance in order to overcome all the test that comes to our way, insyAllah ....

(sorry for the confusing sentences, feels like flying in the air, and not fully conscious after 2 papers today. All the best to my friends who have to deal with more than I do. May Allah swt give all of you strength and patience).

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