Monday, February 7, 2011

meaningful circle

Sitting in circle
side by side
knee by knee
connected with each other.
And together..
we share,
we learn new thing,
we touch each others heart,
we build trust,
we build ukhuwwahfillah
and the greatest thing of all..
is we are able to together,
joining our heart
and connect ourselves with ALlah swt.
We even have the chance to share
stories about
our most beloved prophet
Muhammad saw.
Also, valuable stories of the sahabat and sahabiah
of Rasulullah saw.
I like the story of Anas bin Malik the most.
A very cute story.
Mus'ab bin Umair is nice too.

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah,
He still give the chance to increase the level,
sitting together and listening to unforgettable things,
understanding things that usually being ignored,
doing the things that only those who have guts would do,
taking the path that is so hard to succeed,
but insyAllah the path that will lead to eternal glory,
those are the things that Rasulullah saw thought,
and Allah swt guide.


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