Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just 15 minutes a day

Just done listening to Today's topic was really amazing (beside the accent that the interviewee use), she shared about her one month experience staying in Gaza, the beauty and peace that she gain being a muslim and some tips to muslims in Malaysia.

The reason why she spend a month long of stay in Gaza is due to the fact that she was unable to get out of the area, since she arrive there by boat. At all gates, her intention of getting herself out of the place (through the boarder) was being stopped by the country's officer/government, like in Eqypt and Israel. Thus, she told the viewer regarding the pain and hardship that our muslim brothers and sisters were facing everyday. She didn't say that the experience was a living hell, but it was a great opportunity for her to understand, and causes her heart to open, and see things clearly (who's the bad guy and who is the victim). Imagine that you are in a very small area full of people, and everyday, some crazy folks just pour harmful chemical over you. And in Palestine (gaza) those victims are not just ten to twenty people, but millions of them!!! She also mention to the fact that many people like in Europe (and I think Asia too) are being thought to be ignorant, and assume that those people in the middle east are just a foreigner to them. Foreigners that doesn't deserve to be help or known. Even until now, many of us believe that the Palestinian are the one who's living in the land of the Israelis. But they are WRONG!!!! The Israelis are the one who's snatching and living in the land that belongs to the Palestinian!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

THose are just some points that I managed to capture during 5 minutes of listening. But there's one tip that the interviewee press on was:

Malaysian people usually stressed on the recital side of the Al-Quran only, and she beg for all of us Malaysian Muslim (saying with multiple time of please..), to just spend 15-20 minutes in reading the Quran in our own language, instead of just reading the Al-Quran in Arabic (Since, not many of us are from the Arabic School). With that, she believed that all of us can get to know our religion all over again. SubhanAllah...

Do you want to know who's this amazing Interviewee?
She is actually Tony Blair's half sister.! (actually, I don't really know her name)


This weekend is so tiring. Was one of the facee... May Allah bless us all and my little students too... Everything went well, insyAllah, although there were a lot of barriers that all of us need to face and go through, we still believe that we are just slaves who can plan, but Allah swt is the greatest planner all, so, everything that come from him, will be returned back...

Hari manusia pada ketika itu tersangat takut dan pandangannya tunduk.・(Surah az-Zumar, ayat 67).

Pada hari itu manusia seperti anai-anai yang bertebaran (Al-Qariah: 4)

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  1. if im not mistaken her name is lauren booth ^^
    jzkk for sharing, keep it up :D


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