Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 12


Fasting in Ramadhan is a form of spiritual training for Muslims. So this is the PERFECT time for Muslims to change or "upgrade" themselves to be better Muslims! ♥

However, change is something each person has to do himself.
"... Thus, God does not change the condition of any people unless they themselves make the decision to change..." (13:11)

So by sitting down idly or doing nothing, why not give it a thought and try to change something about yourself? Surely everyone isn't perfect, and humans are bound to make mistakes, but there is always room for improvement and change. And by "improvement and change", it means spiritual upgrade ♥

Here are some tips for you to LEVEL UP!

1. Understand that all shall be well. Allah forgives sins for He is All-Understanding and All-Forgiving. Even if you feel that you are already too deep in sin to turn around and become the good Muslim that you truly are.

2. Think of the influences around you. Are they good or are they bad? Are the influences making you turn your back against your religion? If your friends are steering you away from the right path - LEAVE THEM. Your friends cannot grant you Paradise! In fact, bad ones will only drag you to Hell. Think about it.

3. For ladies; if you truly want to change to be a better Muslim, consider wearing a hijab/ veil. The hijab is not just a piece of cloth that covers hair, it changes you mentally and spiritually. Think of it as a way for Allah to protect the women. As soon as you wear the hijab, hopefully, your whole perspective on self-respect and values will automatically change. Not to say that non-hijabis are not protected or enlightened, but you have a better chance of achieving this feeling by wearing the hijab. :) ♥

4. Pray 5 times a day. It helps you to become a better Muslim!

5. Learn more about Islam. Islam is knowledge, and without the proper knowledge, it's hard for one to truly embrace Islam. The more you know about Islam, the more you will understand and the "beauty" you will discover. Can't afford to buy books? The internet is pretty useful!

6. Ladies, dress modestly. This does not mean that you have to look ugly or not stylish. Just be modest. Wear longer shirts and avoid tank tops and shorts. Stay away from clothes that are too tight. Remember that it is obligatory to cover the whole body except the face and hands. This also helps you to change your whole outlook on what is acceptable and what is not. For the boys, avoid wearing rude or obscene graphic t-shirts.

7. Hang out with good friends! Find those with the same mission: To please Allah and go to Paradise. Good friends would surely want you to enter Paradise, so choose your peers correctly.

8. Believe in yourself! YOU CAN DO IT! ♥ ♥ ♥

Changing can be rather hard, but it's possible. Make dua' alot! ♥
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