Thursday, May 17, 2012

kuliah ^.^,


Dear readers,
May Allah swt guide all of us in this right path and gives us the strength in consistently crawling, walking or running  towards Allah swt... insyAllah...

There has been a long pause for any updates, due to many circumstances that happened for the past few weeks, may Allah swt gives all of us strengths, patience and forgiveness...

Even for this post, it is only a short announcement that the latest Kuliah(s) by UmmuAtifah (for 15th may and 16th may) are available to be downloaded at the side bar.

InsyAllah, after gaining some strength and putting a little bit of effort, insyAllah, writer will share some sweet tazkirah and knowledge that writer gained for the past few weeks ^.^,


p/s just wanted to share this adorable picture ^.^, selamat beramal! ^.^,

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^,
 - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -

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