Friday, March 30, 2012

That little boy...who smiles sweetly

this little boy who smile sweetly ^.^,

There was a little boy,
who smile to the mosque's moneybox,
not only once,
but everytime he went there for prayers.
Until one day,
the imam saw this little boy,
it sparked the imam's curiosity.
"Why did you smile to the moneybox my little ones?"
The little boy smile again,
but this time to the imam.
"Because I have no money,
and the only thing that I have to give alms,
is by smiling~"
Isn't smiling is part of sedekah too? ^.^,

even giving food to a stray can is considered as sedekah/alms ^.^,

Give away,
things that you loved the most,
I'm sure you are not at loss (Qs2:267, Qs3:92).
Give away,
things that you have in excess,
while the others are at less (Qs2:261-262).
Give away,
portion of your wealth,
or make use of your good health (Qs2:272).
Give away,
smiles full of sincerity,
eventhough you are in poverty.
Give away,
knowledge that you gain (balighu anni walau an-ayah),
so that the rewards from Allah swt will be like the pouring rain.
Give away,
and continue to give away,
because Allah swt will ask you one day,
"With your wealth, your health and everything that I've given to you,
what have you done with it that brings you nor other close to Me?"

p/s why not start giving out some of your wealth to our friends, brothers and sisters in need in Palestine? Find out more through here:

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