Thursday, November 3, 2011

B for Bait Hasanah

Day 2 in Cairo, we woke up around 3-4 am in the morning. Unable to tell whether it is subuh or not, we search the internet (as the WiFi connection there was free ^.^). There were still a few minutes left before subuh, thus we decided to have a wash and get ready for our prayer together. It was a very quiet morning. In fact it was so quiet that not until midday we heard noises of cars and people chattering.

Since we only rent the condominium for a night, we decided to change our taste and tryout different environment at different part of the city. My dad did warned us, that the next destination won't be as quiet as Mukhattam. It would be very noisy, full of people, non-stop screaming of car horns and guess what? We were so lucky that we also came across a riot. There were people along the road and another riding a bus shouting at each other and pulling each others' head, clothes and other things that they can get their hands on. It was a good thing that we only booked the hotel without paying a single cents. When we see the riot, the first thing that came across our mind, is to get ourselves out of there. It wont be very pleasant to stay in a place where we can't have peace for our mind. So, we drove passed the hotel area with an intention of staying somewhere else (and the search took the whole day, until we were so worn out). Our driver for that day was Ustaz Jet, who has 14 years of experience around Cairo and its neighborhood. He brought us to a number of rumah negeri (which has its own history. It was said that the Eqypt's government gave the land for free to Malaysia because of the deed and the help that they receive from Malaysian student while Eqypt was on war or something). But, to our surprise, all of the rumah negeri was fully booked or full. So, the only choice that we have was to stay at Bait Hasanah. Initally it was very hard for us to make the decision, because the homestay was located on the third floor of the building, and we have a lot of heavy bags to bring of our own. And as I said in the previous post, this could cause serious back injury if we force to bring them on our own. With not much choice that we have, we decided to take it anyway, and alhamdulillah, it was a very pleasant stay. The room was beautiful and equipped with a toilet. Me and my dad carried our bags together, slowly and steadily. One of the reason that we chose Bait Hasanah was because of its background, who stayed in there and for what intention. Let me tell you a little bit about Bait Hasanah, and its history.

Bait Hasanah was build upon a good deed of a Malaysian Ustaz who organized an orphanage in Malaysia. However, instead of focusing on Malaysia only, he was thinking that maybe he could open an orphanage in Eqypt too, where he would bring some of the orphans from Malaysia to Eqypt, gave them education (how lucky are they to learn Arabic at such a young age), and give them shelther where they will be thought on how to cook and run a cafe/business. Initially, Bait Hasanah was located somewhere else before, but recently got re-located. The newly located Bait Hasanah consist of 4 storey high (i think or maybe 5, hehe.. not really sure) building, where the place rental cost was around 15,000 geneh (around RM 7,000). At the ground level/1st level, located the cafe' where Malaysian cuisine and delicacies were being cooked deliciously. You can even get Roti Canai or Roti Telur there ^.^, yummy~ The 2nd level is the girl's dormatory, and the 4th level for the guy's. And that left us with the third level that's reserved for the homestay. There are 5 rooms, each with different interior design, a shared kitchen, a toilet and a living room. Only our room have a toilet in it.

Alhamdulillah, among all the places, Allah swt located us to a place where we could help those people in need. Getting to know them was like a jewel that could never be replaced by anything else. And looking at their journey in life, they taught us to always be thankful for what we are and what we have. And during our journey on a plane to cairo a few days ago, we meet a group of girls and boys, who's age around 9-15 years old, and Allah swt has fated us to meet again in Bait Hasanah. And only then that I knew, that they were an orphan.

p/s during our journey to bait hasanah, we stop by Masjid Imam As-Syafie, and inside there, located a Tomb where the body lays. It was a quiet area, however, there were a few mothers who were so poor and sick. Her hands was a little crocked ( I suspect it was athritis), and her back was hunched badly. It was a norm to give them some money, usually 1 geneh or 2 (which equivalent to 50 cent to RM 1). May Allah swt blessed them with good health and iman.

to be continued...

untuk kebaikan, harus Ikhlas dan nekad ^.^,
 - daie_soleh & hanifmarwa -

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